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News Article — March 11, 2022

Growing deal flow into Africa´s startup ecosystem

Growing deal flow into Africa’s startup ecosystem

Deep Dive Africa is back. Following its debut in 2019, the second edition of Deep Dive Africa hosted a one of a kind 3-day regional virtual investment event showcasing 40 raising start-ups from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda to more than 115 investors from Africa and Europe. Total amount of expected deals: USD 18 million.

This decade has seen the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time. As entrepreneurship increasingly becomes a cornerstone for regional development, the need for early-stage investment capital increases, demanding support for initiatives towards the access of capital for the ecosystem to thrive.

Deep Dive Africa (DDA) has hand-picked 40 high potential startups from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda to coach and train them over a one-month period to become investment-ready and be prepared to pitch their businesses to investors. Together, the startups aim to raise USD 18 millions of seed funding. While the goals are ambitious, African startups have never been more prepared and ready to close this needed funding rounds.

A particular focus of DDA has been to promote female-led startups to get funding. All-male founding teams are still getting the lion’s share of funding raised in Africa but there is a new generation of woman, bold and ambitious to change this narrative. Nobody summarizes this better than Miishe Addy, Co-founder and CEO at Jetstream Africa:

"There has never been a more favorable time for women entrepreneurs to get money than today. Assume that you will get the money, put your whole heart into your business and show the conviction you want investors to have."

Check out the deal book the learn more about the visions, solutions & products of the next generation of African startups.

A big thank you to Impact Hub and GrowthAfrica who are the driving force behind the second edition of DDA and we wish all 40 startups Good Luck in closing their rounds over the next weeks and months.

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